Our mission:

To build a thriving community of healthy Americans.

Our goal:

To help empower people to connect, share information, find solutions, and take positive action.

Our no-cost community:

  • There is no cost to:
    • Join our community.
    • Be a member.
    • Attend our events.
      • Exceptions:
        • If it costs us money upfront to organize the event.
        • If we are charged to use the venue.
        • If a third-party ticket purchase is required.

Our website:

  • This is our central hub to:
    • Learn more about us.
    • Request to become a member.
    • See upcoming events and RSVP.
    • Access valuable documents, links, and more.

Our chats:

  • We have a private Signal chat.
  • We have a private Telegram chat.
  • Our private chats:
    • Cannot be joined from our website.
    • Cannot be found from a public search.
  • To request to join our private chats:
    • Go to our “Join” page.
    • Click “Individual” or “Business.”
    • Submit the member request form.
    • Receive a welcome phone call from us soon.
      • We will ask if you would like to be added to our private chats on our welcome call.