Our mission:

To build a thriving community of healthy Americans.

Our goal:

To help inspire and empower people to connect, share information, find solutions, and take positive action.

Our community:

  • Our community is free.
  • There is no cost to:
    • Become a member.
    • Be added to our chats.
    • Access our resources.
    • RSVP and attend our events.
  • Event cost exceptions are always disclosed upfront:
    • If it costs us money to facilitate an event:
      • Example: Paying a deposit or buying a permit to secure a venue.

Our chats:

  • We have two chats:
  • Both are:
    • Private.
    • Exclusive.
    • Members only.
  • Features:
    • Highest level of security and integrity.
    • Hundreds of members are in each chat.
  • Admission:
    • The only way to be added to our chats is during a welcome call received after submitting a request to become a member through our Join or Businesses pages.