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Picnic Meeting – Sunday @ 4:00 PM – Featured Speakers: Friends of Jacquie Figg (Honoring & Celebrating Her Life & Work) and Nancy Kremer (Chairman of the California General Assembly)

July 18, 2021 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm



  • Socializing
  • Introductions
  • Mission Statement & Goal
  • Announcements & Updates
  • Featured Speakers:
    • Friends of Jacquie Figg (honoring & celebrating her life & work)
    • Nancy Kremer (Chairman of the California General Assembly)
  • Q&A
  • Socializing
  • Dinner (post-event dinner at a restaurant to be determined for anyone that wishes to join us)


What to bring:

It is optional and fun to bring a simple picnic item to share with everyone. Some ideas are crackers, trail-mix, a veggie plate, a fruit platter, bottles of water, paper plates, plastic forks, and napkins. It is recommended to have available a folding chair, blanket or large beach towel to sit on in case all available seating is taken at the time of arrival.



Open this aerial map of the park. Look to the top left. We will be in the northwest area of the park at NW picnic 1 or 3. We are closest to the cross streets N. Altadena Dr. and Mountain St. There is free parking in the small west parking lot (it fills up fast,) the large south parking lot and on the side streets E. Mountain St. and Loma Vista St. across from where we meet. Rain doesn’t cancel this event. At the end of the event, we will decide which restaurant we are going to for dinner. Let us know at the end if you will be joining us for dinner.


Recording video & audio:

We occasionally record video & audio of speakers and performers. The camera lens will be pointed in their direction. If a person does not want to be in a picture or video, it is his or her responsibility to not be in front of the camera. We prefer people not take pictures or record video or audio. If an attendee does take pictures or record video, it is his or her responsibility to make all sure non-speakers and non-performers are not in their pictures or videos unless consent has been given. If consent has not been given, we may request those pictures and videos to be deleted.



There are two types of events with a $5.00 suggested donation: Picnic meetings that state special featured speaker and $5.00 suggested donation in the title. And freedom forums. All freedom forum speakers are special featured speakers. For both events, unless otherwise stated, 50% of all donation proceeds goes to the special featured speaker or speakers for speaking fees, traveling costs, lodging costs, taking time to join us to share invaluable information and supporting his/her/their work in the fight for our freedoms. The other 50% goes to Healthy and Free for operations and event costs. Donations can be made either by cash in-person at these events where a small white donation box will be passed around. Or electronically by PayPal or Venmo. See our “Donations” page for details.


Special donations note:

Since this is not a special featured speaker event, this is not a suggested donation event. However, many have shown interest and have stated they would like to make a donation to Jacquie Figg’s family. We will have our small white donation box at this event. Donations can be made by cash dropped into our small white donation box, or electronically by PayPal or Venmo. 100% of all donation proceeds will go to Jacquie Figg’s family. As always, a donations report will be posted after this event along with a screenshot showing all funds electronically being sent to Jacquie Figg’s family.


Featured speaker bio – friends of Jacquie Figg:

  • Art Villa
    • He’s been an activist for many years.
    • He’s involved with:
      • SoCal Freedom Cell Network
      • SoCal Freedom Camp
      • White Rose USA SoCal
    • Yvet chambers
      • She’s involved with:
        • The affidavit movement.
          • She has served over 4,000 affidavits to boards of supervisors regarding the violations of their oaths.
          • She is a part of serving lawsuits to boards of supervisors and health director for damages in their unlawful edicts.
        • Being a member of the “Move the Needle” organization.
          • They are attempting to make a positive change in government.
        • She’s a BRAVE member (Businesses Revolutionizing American values and Enterprises.)
          • They help businesses stand up against tyranny.


Featured speaker topics – friends of Jacquie Figg:

  • What was your relationship to Jacquie?
  • What kind of person was Jacquie?
  • How has she made a difference in your life?
  • What are some of Jacquie’s important accomplishments that come to mind?
  • Why was her work so important, and how will it benefit us now and moving forward?


Featured speaker bio – Nancy Kremer:

  • She is the Chairman of the California General Assembly.
  • She became active in self-governing in 2012.
  • She is humbled to serve the people of California as we reconstruct our dejure form of government not seen since the Civil War.
  • “Andrea on L.A.” will be joining Nancy as an American State National to engage conversation, and to share how each person can part in this freedom.


Featured speaker topics – Nancy Kremer:

  • Identifying if you are a corporate entity.
  • Bridging the solution as a dejure government.
  • Using the California General Assembly’s timeline to realize your freedom and rights on the land.


Featured speaker bio – remembering Jacquie Figg – her bio:

  • She’s been an activist her whole life.
  • She co-organized her first sit in when she was 9 years old.
  • She participated in her first student strike when she was 11 years old.
  • She cancelled her driver’s license in 2004.
  • She’s been very active in traffic, civil and family law courts since 2005.
  • She and her partner Ken have been creating private membership associations (PMA’s,) unincorporated associations (UA’s) and unincorporated business associations (UBA’s) since 2004.
  • They’ve created foreign & domestic trusts since 2012.
  • They’ve created self-supporting ministries (SSM’s) for churches since 2013.
  • From dependence to self-determination, they have helped hundreds of people develop stealth strategies to ensure asset protection and financial security through “bridge” solutions.

Featured speaker topics – remembering Jacquie Figg – her speaker topics:

  • Identifying if you are in the taxing forum known as “in this state.”
  • The factors that make you a resident of this state and subject to its jurisdiction.
  • Creating bridge solutions.
  • Using PMA’s, SSM’s, and other unincorporated entities.


July 18, 2021
4:00 pm - 7:00 pm


Victory Park
2575 Paloma St.
Pasadena, CA 91107
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